January 08, 2012

Health tourism is the new buzzword

Sure, monuments, palaces, and malls attract tourists to Bangalore. Now, health and wellness tourism, too, is climbing up the rankings. Viswanath Reddy, department of tourism, said: “We have seen a 20% to 25% annual increase in medical and wellness tourism.”

It is increasing every year. The current state of tourism, especially in Bangalore, is leaning towards medical- and wellness- related ventures, he added.

City hospitals have experts and excellent healthcare services that easily match the best in the world and this makes it an important ‘health’ and ‘wellness’ destination for outsiders.

Dr Guru Dutt, owner of Anandmaya Wellness Centre, said: “Foreigners want Ayurveda treatment. India is the mother of Ayurveda. So it must have added to increased footfalls in Bangalore.”

“The new airport has played a major role in attracting foreign tourists. It must have increased the rate of tourism by at least 20%,” said Reddy.

Reddy also said Bangalore is a safe place. Among the heritage sites the most visited places are Vidhan Soudha, Vikas Soudha, Bengaluru Palace, Tipu Sultan Palace, Bull Temple and Iskcon temple. Foreigners love visiting these places. “However, a majority of tourists who recently visited the city were here for medical and wellness purposes,” added Reddy.

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