October 06, 2011

NABH & BD Collaborate to develop quality standards for hospitals in India

NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) and BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support hospitals in attaining quality-of-care standards for infection control. This collaboration is an effort to strengthen health systems in India and promote continuous quality improvement to ensure quality care for patients when visiting hospitals with effective infection control practices in place. With the wider rollout of community health insurance initiatives, there is an increased demand for bed capacity. Existing small and medium-size hospitals, estimated to account for more than two-thirds of all beds need to strengthen the quality systems and these hospitals can achieve quality-of-care systems by standardizing and adopting necessary infection control practices to ensure patient and healthcare worker safety. Speaking on the occasion of the signing, Dr Giridhar J Gyani, Quality Council of India, Secretary General and CEO, NABH said: “Our objective is to develop a basic infection-control standard for all hospitals delivering healthcare in India. The association with BD will enable us to provide on- and off-site technical support to collaborating institutions for upgrading their infection control practices.” NABH has recommended quality toward safe injection practices, waste management and infusion safety, to name a few, as minimum requirements across hospitals in India, following the lead of several facilities undertaking these processes. Most of these hospitals are high in volume and have the bandwidth as well as the desire to improve clinical outcomes; whereas the quality of care in smaller hospitals, especially which are government empanelled is much more varied in terms of infection control practices. NABH is currently operating in India with nearly 500 hospitals in various phases of accreditation, and nearly 100 hospitals are already accredited. Said Mr Manoj Gopalakrishna, Managing Director, BD - India: “BD has always worked toward achieving our purpose of ‘Helping all people live healthy lives’. The MoU with NABH is an innovative collaboration for enhancing patient safety and healthcare worker safety in India. BD will leverage our global experiences in implementing infection control programs by supporting NABH to enhance infection control standards in the hospitals of India.” This collaboration will have three phases. During Phase One, initial workshops would be carried out across hospitals in India to ensure the SAFE-ISM program is adopted by hospitals as a stepping stone towards achieving quality. This will be followed by the second phase where Centers of Excellence (CoE) and Health Economic models will be developed for the benefit of Indian Healthcare after dissemination of Safe-I program. The last phase will augment national capability of standards dissemination by developing additional CoE (or suggest spelling it out in both instances). SAFE-ISMcertification will be viewed as a precursor for preparing HCO (Healthcare organisations) or SHCO (Small healthcare organisations) for NABH accreditation. Through its experienced field force, BD will guide applicant hospitals toward SAFE-ISM preparation and other relevant training and development workshops. Link: Original Article

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