October 13, 2011

MCI issues migration guidelines for medical students

The Medical Council of India has issued guidelines on inter-college mig-ration of MBBS students. Migration of students from one medical college to another would be restricted to five per cent of the sanctioned intake of the college during the year. No migration will be permitted from one college to another located within the same city. Migration of students is permissible only if both the colleges are recognised by the Centre under Section 11(2) of the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 and further subject to the condition that it shall not result in increase in the sanctioned intake capacity. The candidate shall be eligible to apply for migration only after qualifying in the first professional MBBS exams. Migration during clinical course of study shall not be allowed. An applicant candidate shall first obtain a NoC from the college where he/she is studying and the university to which that college is affiliated and also from the college to which the migration is sought and the university it is affiliated to. He/she shall submit the application for migration within a period of one month of passing along with the above cited NoCs to: (a) the director of medical education of the state, if migration is sought within the state or (b) the MCI, if the migration is sought from one college to another outside the state. Link: Original Article

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