October 22, 2011

CBI decodes scam, nails ex-MCI chief Ketan Desai

One and a half years after the don of the Medical Council of India, Ketan Desai was arrested for taking a bribe of Rs 2 crore, the Central Bureau of Investigation is finally ready with a chargesheet. CNN-IBN has accessed the confidential papers that document how the deal was struck, rules bent, quality of medical education compromised and how money changed hands. The CBI decoded the modus operandi of former MCI chief Ketan Desai and his tout JP Singh. Sources say that Desai used code words like 'Badal' for Punjab colleges and 'Mamata' for West Bengal colleges. The Key characters in the conspiracy were: Dr Ketan Desai, President of the Medical Council of India Dr Sukhvinder Singh, Vice Chairman of Gian Sagar Charitable Trust JP Singh, Tout According to the CBI, Desai entered into a conspiracy with JP Singh and Sukhwinder Singh to grant permission to Gian Sagar Medical College in Patiala for admission of students for 2010-2011 for different courses for which the college did not have the required facilities. Conversation tapped by the CBI: Here's the transcript of a phone conversation tapped by the CBI on the day the executive committee of the MCI was to examine Gyan Sagar Medical College. Ketan Desai: I will be late today…there is a meeting of the Exective Committee. JP Singh: yes but you've already decided to help those poor people. Ketan Desai: yes but there are a lot of problems, its only cement and steel. JP Singh: okay. Ketan Desai: It will be very difficult for me. Ten days later JP Singh struck a deal with the Vice Chairman of Gyan Sagar Medical College, Sukhvinder Singh. JP Singh: Its just a mandatory requirement(second inspection). We have to get it done. Sukhwinder Singh: okay. JP Singh: you have to show an updated version of the report. The person who did not have choley bature will be there again. Sukhwinder Singh: the same inspector? JP Singh: Yes, He will get the work done. During a re-inspection on March 22, 2010, the MCI again said that there was no auditorium. The college authorities gave an undertaking to complete the construction within one week. The Executive Committee of the MCI on Arpil 5, 2010, suddenly approved the college and recommended the government that permission be granted for admitting fourth year MBBS students. Desai then called JP Singh using code language to say that a deal had been agreed upon. Ketan Desai: 'Badal's' relatives were here today. JP Singh: There was a blockage, he needed an angioplasty. Ketan Desai: Yes, I put in a stent, now it is okay. He will not need surgery. Based on these tapped conversations the CBI raided JP Singh's residence in Vasant Kunj on the April 23 and recovered a sum of Rs 2 crore, sent by Sukhwinder Singh, meant to be delivered to Desai. In the course of its investigation, the CBI got the voice samples of Desai and others verified. After Desai's arrest, CNN-IBN conducted a series of investigations that exposed how Desai ran the Medical Council of India like a cartel, extorting money from private colleges to grant them permission. While the government is struggling to clean the mess left behind by him - Desai today is out on bail. But the evidence against him is too strong to ignore now. Link: Original Article

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love sms said...

Government to actively pursue the reform of education, because it controls the technical and medical education institutions weed out corruption has been.
Exactly nine months on corruption charges in the All India Council for Technical Education after the CBI arrested senior officials, the agency Medical Council of India (MCI) in Ketan Desai chief effect has ordained.
Desai two men suspected of Medicine at the University of Punjab in order to give recognition for taking a bribe of RS2 crore was arrested on Thursday evening.
On Friday, the Delhi Special CBI Judge OP Saini five days of the CBI Desai and the other two were able to interview him.
This Desai has been accused of corruption is not the first time. Since 2002, he has been removed from MCI on similar charges, re-elected



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