July 06, 2011

EU bans Ayurvedic drugs

Says Dr. Ajay Kumar , Past National President, Indian Medical Association & Member of Council of World Medical Association ( WMA) "Countries that are producing such indigenous medicines and they have got indigenous cures if we properly standardize them, we can argue in favour of them. We can produce a strong lobby and go into the global market.

This ban will cause a ripple of unease in parts of the consumer and practitioner community.

It is not just going to affect the trading and international business but it will be a shock to the westerners who are getting relieved from this treatment modality.

Adding further, Kumar says "Companies like Dabur, Himalaya and Divya Yoga are producing many good products and should be promoted through qualified people, they should stand together and we will support them."

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and commerce are acting together to challenge EU herb directive in a legal way. Documentation is under process and a legal agency has been hired to prove that this directive is "Unnecessary Trade Barrier".

European consumers will not be able to use most of the ayurvedic products when a European law will be implemented at its fullest on May 01, 2011. A European directive "The European Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products (THMPD)" was introduced as a response to growing concern over adverse effects of such alternative medicines.

This new legislation claims to put consumer's safety first by banning the ayurvedic and other herbal products in Europe. European directive denigrates the practice of ayurveda which has been practiced by Indians for hundreds of years and it is not just confined to India as it is being practiced by other parts of the world also.

Choice of treatment modality should be left upto the individual's will as such ban is a direct attack on their right to health. Ayurvedic treatment is well known for its action against chronic and intractable medical conditions without side effects.

Says Dr. Partap Chauhan, Director, JIVA Ayurveda "By implementing THMPD, the European Union (EU) is denying its citizens access to most ancient healing science (Ayurveda), which has helped millions of EU over past few decades, even in the most chronic disorders where modern medicine fails to show results".

Ayurvedic products have been used in India for hundreds of years, and are both safe and efficacious, and have also been accepted around the globe. Considering any treatment modality alternative is just a perception. Before the emergence of standard treatment modality, Ayurveda employed as a full fledged treatment modality with optimum healing outcomes.

Chauhan says: "To us Western medicine is the alternative medicine. Modern diagnostic methods and emergency treatment procedures are supplement to Ayurveda, which has better treatments for eradicating the root cause of disease It is time the EU recognizes the benefits of Ayurveda and other traditional herbal medicines and use it for the benefit of its citizens."

After implementation of this directive, consumer will only have access to the treatments based on pharmaceutical drugs. This directive infringes ability of consumers to prevent and treat illness in ways that they find pertinence-in. This directive has been cleverly cloaked as issues of "public safety".

Consumers of such medicines have called the EU directive, called as The Traditional herbal Medicinal Products Directive, 2004/24/EC, "discriminatory and disproportionate." This is the right time when India should knock the door of WTO against EU herbal drug order.

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