June 04, 2011

Excellence tag for three public health centres

Three Public Health Centres (PHCs) of Gujarat were awarded accreditation by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) on Friday, a development top health officials hope would better primary healthcare in a state where the government is forced to hunt for and hire doctors from outside due to acute shortage.

Gujarat already has two PHCs that have been accredited by the NABH and new accreditations bring the number to five. No other state has accredited PHCs although NABH officials said Delhi is moving towards accrediting its dispensaries.

NABH accreditation, normally given to hospitals, is considered a mark of excellence in healthcare. It is “a transformational experience” that boosts the confidence and enthusiasm of the staff working in these centres, Gujarat’s Health Secretary Rajesh Kishore said.

Speaking at a national conference in Ahmedabad where the awards were given away, Kishore recalled the time he first visited India’s first accredited PHC at Gadhboriad in Vadodara district.

“I was not unfamiliar with the normal state of PHCs, but this PHC was very different. The staff and nurses were actually smiling and working with enthusiasm. The infrastructure was better than any I had seen before. I could see immediately that the accreditation was a transformational experience,” said Kishore, who had then joined the Health Department as Principal Secretary.

Gujarat has been struggling to fill up its vacancies for doctors, even sending teams to neighbouring states to recruit medical graduates and helping them register with the state’s medical council. Top officials privately rue that the state’s doctors are largely uninterested in joining the government healthcare set-up and prefer setting up their own clinics in cities and bigger towns, leading to a manpower shortage.

Soon after the Gadhboriad PHC, the PHC Mahuwas at Vansada in Navsari district too received NABH accreditation. On Friday, three more PHCs — at Jetalpur in Ahmedabad district, Salun in Kheda district and Sokhada in Vadodara district — were awarded the NABH accreditation at a national conference titled “Best Practice in Healthcare Delivery,” organised jointly by the Gujarat government and the Quality Council of India, under which the NABH functions.

Blood banks too get NABH tag

Three blood banks, one medical laboratory and a 33 family-friendly hospitals were also awarded NABH accreditation at Friday’s conference. The three blood banks are attached to medical colleges in Vadodara, Surat and Bhavnagar, while the medical laboratory is in Ahmedabad.

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