April 15, 2011

Term of MCI Board of Governors extended by a year

The Union Cabinet on Thursday extended by a year the term of the existing Board of Governors of the Medical Council of India. The amendment awaits approval from Parliament.

The term of the six-member Board of Governors, headed by S.K. Sarin, ends on May 14.

The government had issued an ordinance to supersede the MCI with the board after its president, Ketan Desai, was arrested on April 22 last year by the Central Bureau of Investigation for allegedly taking a bribe of Rs. 2 crore to recognise a medical college in Punjab though it did not meet MCI standards.

The MCI, a statutory body, tasked to oversee the standards of medical education in India, grants recognition to medical degrees, gives accreditation to medical colleges, registers medical practitioners and monitors medical practice in the country. The government subsequently amended the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956, to inserted Article 3 (a) through an ordinance that authorises the government to intervene in matters of “national policy.”

The MCI general body had been superseded only for a year as the government planned to bring in the National Council for Human Resources in Health (NCHRH) Bill before the term ended. NCHRH would have subsumed the MCI and all other regulatory bodies. However, the Bill is yet to be cleared by the Cabinet.

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