April 18, 2011

PAC calls National Rural Health Mission a fiasco

Coming down heavily on government’s flagship program, the National Rural Health Mission (NHRM), the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has termed it is a ‘fiasco’.

The committee found glaring deficiencies, loopholes, and virtually no effective monitoring mechanism, and called for a through restructuring.

“A large number of sub-centers, primary health centers and community health centers are located in sub-standard environment such as garbage dumps, cattle sheds and stagnant water bodies, and functioning in unhygienic conditions,” the report said.

Report’s findings
PAC, in its report tabled in Parliament on Thursday, expressed dismay that the health centers were being used as "godowns for storage of food grains and cow dung".

In its findings, PAC found that these centers lacked whole lot of necessary infrastructure like water supply and storage tanks, facilities for disposal of sewage and biomedical waste and separate utilities for men and women.

In addition to these harrowing conditions, the centers were substandard and expired medicines. There was also the lack of competent, trained health workers.

Calling for a thorough restructuring of NHRM, the PAC expressed surprise as to how the government had not conducted any study after the launch of the NHRM to assess its performance.

Also, district and vigilance monitoring committees should be constituted by the government, the committee felt.

The PAC report mentioned that there was no common formulary for essential drugs and that there was the lack of integration of Indian systems of medicine with the national health care system.

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