March 19, 2011

MCI planning entrance to enhance credibility quotient

India is mulling over a proposal to introduce the Indian Medical Graduate degree -- an examination that will be at par with MBBS -- which can be taken by all doctors passing out of medical school as an additional qualification.

Brainchild of Medical Council of India (MCI), it will do away with doubts over the competence of a doctor with an MBBS degree from not so good colleges or universities.

Speaking to TOI, Dr Ranjit Roychoudhury from MCI said, at present an MBBS doctor from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) thinks s/he is better than h/his counterpart from UP or Bihar.

And so, even though the latter holds a valid MBBS degree, the individual is discriminated upon all h/his life.

"Now, a doctor after passing out of medical college can take this examination, which will be of the same standard as the MBBS degree, and prove his mettle. He can then say that even though I got my MBBS from a college in Muzaffarnagar, I also passed the Indian Medical Graduate test, which stamps his credentials," Dr Roychoudhury said.

He added, "The test will, however, be voluntary and will only be for prestige. Those who don't want to appear for the examination can start practicing soon after getting their MBBS degree as usual."

Dr Devi Shetty, another member of MCI's governing body, added that the proposal has been forwarded and is under consideration of the Union health ministry.

"At present, whenever our doctors apply in the United Kingdom for training, British Medical Council asks for a DNB degree. That's because 31 states have hundreds of universities and colleges granting MBBS degree, each having a different standard. So, there is no assurance on quality. DND, on the other hand, is a national standard examination. This new exit examination will give uniformity to all Indian degrees," Dr Shetty added.

MCI had recently informed the Supreme Court of a common exit test after obtaining the MBBS degree from medical colleges. They, however, said it would be mandatory, but seems to have changed that view.

Considering the sensitive nature of the profession -- dealing with life and death -- and keeping in mind varying standards of education in medical colleges, MCI proposed this common exit examination for MBBS pass-outs, solicitor general Gopal Subramaniam had told a bench of Justices R V Raveendran and H L Gokhale.

MCI's recommendation is to standardise the skills of doctors and in line with the decision of Bar Council of India (BCI), making it mandatory for law graduates to clear a test to be able to practice in courts.

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