February 03, 2011

Need protocol on doctors with foreign degrees, MCI told

The government has asked the Medical Council of India (MCI) to put in place a protocol that makes it simpler for a doctor with foreign qualification to work in India, an official said here Friday.

Speaking at a seminar on 'Public Health: Engaging the diaspora' at the Pravasi Bhartiya Divas function, Health and Family Welfare Ministry additional secretary Keshav Desiraju said the government was waiting for the MCI to make a clear recommendation on the issue.

Responding to a complaint from an NRI doctor that he had not received any reply from the MCI on his offer to work in India since past two years, Desiraju said: 'We have asked MCI to come back to us with a clear view... to put in place a protocol by which it is simpler for a person with foreign qualification to work here.'

He said, 'Health is a state subject while medical education is in the concurrent list'.

Earlier, speaking at the seminar, Desiraju said that primary health centres were not functioning at the optimum levels in some states and more doctors were needed in rural areas.

He said medical practitioners should spend some part of their service in the public health system.

'Public service in India always needs commitment that we find is decreasing. The thrust is to work in a large private hospital. The best people coming out of institutions are not available to the government. We need to address it,' he said.

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