February 06, 2011

Don't visit doctors,email them: UK

Doctors in Britain are asking their patients to email their symptoms rather than making an appointment under a new scheme which aims to save the UK's National Health Service up to £ 1 billion a year.

The results would be picked up by doctors at the end of the day or during free time between appointments; people suffering from conditions like heart failure, diabetes or lung disease could even be asked to measure their blood pressure and then send the results.

The proposals are part of a pilot trial of 6,000 patients with longterm illnesses in Cornwall, Kent and east London. All participants have been given electronic devices to record vital measurements to be sent to the surgery and the results will be published later in the year.

In the scheme, doctors would make an appointment for the patient to come into the surgery if they are concerned by the results. In less serious cases, they will write back with advice.

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