February 07, 2011

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) - State sharpens surveillance

The state health department has gone on an overdrive in conducting surveillance post discovery of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) cases in Ahmedabad city.

In fact doctors or paramedical staff in at least four hospitals, Shalby, Shreyas, Sterling and Adarsh hospitals which had attended to CCHF patients are now being monitored by the health staff of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. This surveillance also includes monitoring the health of the family members of the staff.

A special team was also sent to the society where deceased nurse Asha John lived and the surveillance on 160 members of the society was also conducted for unusual fever symptoms. A similar process was carried out in the case of Dr Gagan Sharma of Shalby hospital, the doctor who had attended to one of the CCHF cases. State health department officials say that in the last fortnight no unusual hemorrhagic fever cases have been reported from the 58 large hospitals in the city.

In a special move, the AMC will carry out surveillance in all cattle sheds within corporation limits and slaughter houses that operate, both legally and illegally. "One of our major concern is the Hyalomma ticks that are present on cattle and are the transmitters of the deadly disease."

Amina Momin from Kolat village in Sanand taluka who had succumbed to the disease on January 3 too had a small cattle farm that may have been the cause of the disease. "The animal husbandry department officials which had conducted survey of livestock in villages within the vicinity of Kolat since Sunday have reported no unusual cattle infection cases in the past one year," says a senior official of the animal husbandry department.

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