December 15, 2010

Plan to add 8,000 PG seats, says MCI boss

There is a severe shortage of postgraduate medical seats in the country, said Prof Dr Shiv Kumar Sarin, chairperson of the Board of Governors of Medical Council of India here on Thursday at the first convocation of the Chettinad University.
“There are hardly 35,000 UG seats and 11,000 PG seats, while the need is 100 times more.” About 100 candidates vie for each PG seat in a medical university, which indicates the high demand and low supply, Sarin said.
In the US, there are more UG seats than PG seats: 24,000 PG and 16,000 UG.
There is a need to ramp up both PG and UG seats, and the MCI is working out ways to increase the number of medical universities, provided they don’t compromise on quality, excellence and competence, he added. For example, the number of applications to start new medical colleges this year has gone above 70, whereas it was just 19 last year. The target is to add 8,000 PG seats, he said.
Sarin said that reservation policy would go a long way in helping the not so privileged students access quality education. The Common Entrance Test would support all kinds of students, especially those who study under streetlamps, provided it is implemented in a transparent manner, he said.
Dr M A M Ramaswamy, chancellor, Chettinad University, handed over the degrees and diplomas to the students of the Faculty of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences.

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