November 13, 2010

Issues over electronic medical records' outsourcing plan

While many of the Indian IT companies have been eying the awaited wave of the US spending to digitize the health care records, but the recent issue where many have shown sensitivity towards this issue over the resistance shown by the American hospitals in sending medical information overseas could thwart efforts to win big contracts have emerged as a big issue in its path.

It is to be mentioned here that the US government is planning to spend billion, of dollars on the health care providers that will be ready with the electronic medical records and doctors operating in the economy will also be facing a federal mandate under which they will have to upgrade software as the U. S. switches to a new system of insurance billing codes.

However, for the Indian companies having a huge experience in the field of software outsourcing, the opportunities are the US healthcare sector is like another leap of growth for the sector. Pradep Nair, head of the health-care practice at New Delhi's HCL Technologies Ltd. Said that this is like another Y2K opportunity.

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