September 19, 2010

MoS for health moots separate cadre for health services

Continuing the tirade against bureaucrats in his department, Minister of State for Health Dinesh Trivedi on Monday said he doubted their efficiency and proposed a separate cadre for health services.

Trivedi, who has expressed his deep disappointment with the working of the bureaucracy in the health ministry on many occasions earlier, said the proposed cadre should be in line with the Railway services where "you grow in the ranks to reach the top level.

"I am not doubting their (bureaucracy's) sincerity, but their efficiency," he said of the current bureaucracy in the health ministry.

"This bureaucratic system works very well in other ministries, but health is an emergency ministry where you have to work 24x7," he said, adding, "A different bureaucratic system as far as the health ministry is concerned in line with the Railways can do the job."

Speaking at a seminar at FICCI here, the Minister also sought to focus on prevention aspect of health care instead of curative therapies.

He said that the government has till now meted out step-motherly treatment to the Ayush system of medicine. "We have to make an attempt to provide scientific basis to the alternate systems to market them abroad."

Last week, at a similar function the minister had expressed dissatisfaction over the working of his ministry, saying the present system cannot deliver.

He had said that the health ministry was in a mess and getting worse day by day.

The minister had added that everybody - whether it was ministers or officials - should be accountable. "The system needs a jolt", he said.

Trivedi had earlier targeted Health Secretary Sujatha Rao saying that she had put a spanner in his pet project of a national health portal.

Following this, the ministry had formed a committee to analyse the project further.

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