September 02, 2010

Irda asks health insurers to continue cashless facility

In a bid to give relief, the insurance regulator Irda has asked the general insurers to continue providing cashless facilities from hospital that are part of their preferred provider network (PPN) to customers who are undergoing treatment even if the general insurer discontinue its cashless service from the same hospital.

Where a policyholder has been issued a pre-authorisation for the conduct of a given procedure in a given hospital, or if the policyholder is already undergoing such treatment at a hospital, and such hospital is proposed to be removed from the list of PPN, then the insurers are directed to continue to provide the benefits of cashless facility for such policyholder as if such hospital continues to be in the PPN list Irda stated

In order to ensure that the interests of the policyholders are not adversely affected, at times when a change in PPN is effected, the insurers are directed to inform the policyholders at all times, the nearest possible alternative hospitals where the cashless facility is available and the conditions thereof, said Irda.

Medical insurance policies offered by different insurers to policyholders are contracts of reimbursement.

New panel to track reinsurance deals

Irda has formed a high powered committee to put in place a technology platform to track reinsurance and coinsurance placements. J Hari Narayan, chairman will head the committee.

The committee will suggest measures to to operationalise the new technology system within three months and the finalisation of the system shall be accomplished within six to nine months.

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