September 02, 2010

Guj turning a medical hub

Gujarat is fast emerging as the destination for medical training for doctors from all over the world with specialists coming to city hospitals to get training in specialised procedures like knee and hip replacement, endoscopy, IVF, embryology, kidney stone removal and other complex heart procedures.

This is a reverse trend of sorts as earlier most doctors from here used to go abroad for medical training. Currently, a team of five senior orthopaedic surgeons are in Shalby Hospital to get trained in knee and hip replacement surgeries.

Leader of the group Dr Alan Chuha said that they are surprised at the volume of surgeries that are conducted in this hospital which gives them the opportunity to learn more than anywhere else in the world.

"We came here as this centre is considered the best in India. An average 15 to 20 surgeries are performed here daily. This has given us lot of exposure in less time as repetition helps you pick up skills better," said Chuha. He said that their team chose Gujarat in India over other countries as the patient profile too here is similar to patients in their country.

"We perform large number of surgeries and last year 4,000 replacements were conducted, giving doctors the benefit of learning faster and better. In US, for instance, one-two replacements are done in a good centre daily while we do nearly 15 to 20," says Dr Vikram Shah of Shalby Hospital where doctors from almost all Asian and African countries come regularly for training.

Doctors say that skilled surgeons along with good infrastructure and huge numbers of patients is giving Gujarat the edge when in comes to training personnel from abroad. "We get large number of patients with stones which has given us more skill. We get urologists from Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Germany and even US to train in PCNL technique of stone removal," said leading urologist Dr Janak Desai of Samved Hospital.

Cardiologist Sameer Dani, who conducts training in procedures like balloon valvuloplasty and mitral valvuloplasty apart from cardiac and peripheral angioplasties says that the potential for medical training is immense.

"It is gratifying when we train doctors from France in procedures which I had learnt in France. We have an edge in terms of economic cost, skill and great infrastructure," said Dr Dani, who says that more structured programmes would follow as more doctors from abroad come here for training.

Pulse Women's Hospital, conducts open programmes throughout the year in IVF training for which doctors from African and Asian countries enrol regularly. Each programme is of two weeks.

"These people chose us over developed nations in European, US or UK as there they get to see just a few cases as observers while here they get exposure to a big number of cases," says Dr Manish Banker, who says that specialised workshops are also held in endoscopy. He says that there is a scope in this area and students get trained paying a fee of US $1,000 to $2,000.

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