August 27, 2010

Doctors will now have to register in all states they practise

Medical Council of India (MCI) is planning to introduce a new registration system for doctors. As per the proposal, a doctor practising in multiple states will have to register in all those states simultaneously, unlike now when a single registration is enough to practise anywhere in the country.

“This means doctors practising in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh will have to be registered in all three states simultaneously, irrespective of the place they got their degrees from. This will give us a better idea about availability of doctors in a state,” Sita Naik, a member of MCI’s board of governors, said.

Similarly, all doctors will have to keep state medical councils updated about the higher degrees, such as post-graduation, they acquire.

In fact, the health ministry is already considering another MCI proposal to introduce a national exit examination for medical professionals to ascertain if they are suitable to practise as doctors. It will be a qualifying examination in each discipline of health for those who want to practise in more than one state. It will evaluate the outcome of training and proficiency attained after the completion of graduate or postgraduate medical courses.

Can’t endorse products
MCI has given a strong warning to doctors and medical associations endorsing products for private companies. “There is a code of medical ethics in place according to which no doctor or association can endorse products. There is a watchdog in the government and a group of people is monitoring all such endorsements,” SK Sarin, chairman of the MCI board of governors, said.

Taking on Indian Medical Association (IMA), which also reportedly endorses about six products, including Dettol, Lizol and Aquaguard, Sarin said MCI had jurisdiction over not only doctors but also their associations.

“If doctors can’t, even IMA cannot,” he said.

MCI has sent show-cause notices to all doctors and associations that have been prima facie found to be involved in endorsements. It is learnt that roughly 50% of IMA’s funds come from endorsements.

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