June 17, 2010

Human resource, health ministries mull common council members

As the tug of war between the ministries of human resource development and health on medical education continues, a middle path by having common members in both proposed councils is being contemplated by the two.

'If we have two boards, we can have common members. It will serve the purpose,' said an official present in the meeting between Health Secretary Sujatha Rao and Human Resource Development Secretary Vibha Puri Das Thursday to discuss the issue.

While the HRD ministry continues to pitch for inclusion of health education under the ambit of the proposed National Commission of Higher Education and Research (NCHER), the health ministry remains adamant on creation of a separate National Council of Human Resource in Health (NCHRH).

The meeting was inconclusive as both stuck to their respective stand. 'No conclusion was reached,' the official said.

Rao reiterated that the NCHRH was proposed in the president's speech to the joint session of parliament last year and the health ministry is already at an advanced stage in formulation of the bill.

'Medical education can not be separated from health ministry as it is attached to hospitals,' the official said.

The decision on the draft NCHER bill will be taken in the meeting of Central Advisory Board on Education (CABE) scheduled June 18-19

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