May 13, 2010

TN and Maharashtra abolish All-India quote of PG seats

From the next academic session, more students from the state can hope to get a chance to bag a seat in government-run medical colleges.

The medical education department, led by senior NCP leader Vijaykumar Gavit, has initiated a proposal to abolish the all-India quota in government-run medical colleges, so that more seats will be available to students from Maharashtra. "We have carefully studied the law enacted by the Tamil Nadu government, which has already abolished the all-India quota. We are in the process of bringing in an identical legislation. We expect the new legislation will come into force from the 2011-12 academic session," a
senior MED official told TOI on Tuesday.

Well over a decade ago, the all-India quota was introduced in government-run medical colleges following a directive from the Supreme Court. According to the directive, 15% of the seats in the undergraduate level and 50% at the post-graduate level will be reserved for all-India students. However, the Tamil Nadu government felt that aspiring doctors from that state were losing out owing to the national quota. In a bid to benefit its students, the Tamil government enacted its own law, abolishing the all-India quota in their state. If the medical education department official is to be believed, then the legal validity of
the Tamil Nadu legislation has been upheld.

In Maharashtra, the MED official said, the intake capacity of at the UG level in 14 medical colleges is 1,700, while the figure stands at 1,000 for PG courses. "If we abolish the all-India quota, then 255 additional MBBS seats and 500 PG seats will be available to state students. We are sure, we will bring in the new legislation before the next academic session starts," he said.

The official added that it would be wrong to compare all-India admissions for IIT and medical courses. "IITs are completely financed by the Centre, while state-run medical colleges get absolutely no monetory assistance from the Unino government. In fact, the all-India quota does not help the state much as after the completion of their courses, students selected under the all-India quota leave for other options in other parts of the country. We provide them with the best education, but we do not benefit out of it," he said.
About students from Maharashtra studying medicine in other states, the official said, the number was too few. For the MBBS course, fewer than 30 students study in different medical colleges across the country, while 70 enrol themselves for the post-graduation courses in institutes outside the state.

"At the end of the day, we lose out as deserving students from Maharashtra are deprived of their right to medical education, while those from outside get the chance," the medical education official added.

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Anonymous said...

if it come in action.. it wl be as equal as life saving.. exactly true whatever is mentioned.. being medico we prepare 4 2-3 yr for pg seat despite our 6 yr of mbbs.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the state is thinking on such lines. We should think why we are behind even states like Bihar, UP etc..(BHIMARU). A state should improve its teaching and ensure that its students are better educated and stand out better in competetive exams. In IIT entrance exam, 35 % seats go to Andhra Pradesh alone. We must congratulate them and learn lessons from them instead of becoming defensive and SELF RECLUSIVE.

Anonymous said...

A MBBS doctor earns Rs. 20000 per month salary. If he does PG his salary will be about Rs. 50000. If he goes abroad to Dubai, UAE etc.. he will earn Rs. 500000 per month/ Rs 60 lakhs per year. If he/ she goes to USA by clearing USMLE ( much easier than PG entrance), he can earn Rs. 2 crores per year in US Dollars after 4-5 years of residency. Maharashtra students have to think when Barak Obama advises American students to learn from Indian students ( Mostly Andhra, Tamil Nadu) and Chinese to study for 8 hours daily or they will become only working class. If Americans are not closing doors to Indian / Chinese students but trying to learn from them, why do maharashtra students who are as clever as any other Indian student fear students from Bihar and UP? They should improve English skills and learn to join the Knowledge society than try to betray themselves by short term measures.



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