May 30, 2010

'Rate' doctors on website

The ultimate tool for patients has just arrived. Patients in the UAE capital city of Abu Dhabi can now find a doctor, check credentials at the click of a button and also 'rate' them.
A new website launched by the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD) displays the doctor's nationality, photograph, gender, experience and qualifications.

The service also called Minhaal, is a directory that lists conditions, symptoms and treatments.

Dr Jamal Al Kaabi, head of customer services and corporate communications and HAAD, said he hoped the increased transparency would improve health services.

"The public has the right to choose the doctor they find 'suitable' for their needs, he said adding that the doctor's directory will ensure all licensed professionals are accessible to everyone," he said.

There are 5,142 doctors, 8,142 nurses and 5,630 clinical and administrative staff working across Abu Dhabi.

It is available in Arabic and English.

Visitors to the site can click on general symptoms, such as loss of appetite, abdominal pain or nerve pain, and find a list of possible ailments.

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