February 25, 2010

India Will Produce 5,000 More Doctors to Strengthen Healthcare System

Government has cleared 5,000 post-graduate medical seats in 148 state government medical colleges. Even with this new effort the country faces a shortfall of over 6 lakh doctors, 10 lakh nurses and 2 lakh dental surgeons. This scheme will cost about Rs.1, 350 crore on a cost sharing ratio of 75:25 between the Centre and States. This decision will enable India to produce more specialized doctors every year.

Indian doctors working abroad contribute nearly to 5 percent of the medical workforce of their respective countries while India faces a huge deficit in doctors. Though adding 5,000 more seats will not bridge the huge gap, it’s seen as a positive effort taken in the right direction and is appreciated and welcomed by everyone.

The decision to add more doctors will enable our country to have more gynecologists, pediatricians and general surgeons. And also doctors to specialize in pre- and para-clinical disciplines like anatomy, microbiology, physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, forensic medicine and community medicine. In order to handle these extra students Health Ministry officials have recently amended the PG regulations of student teacher ratio. Henceforth, student teacher ratio will be 2:1 instead of 1:1 to enable medical colleges to increase seats in PG courses.

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Shyam -MAD Volunteer KV Chennai said...

A few things in this regard Dr. The shortage which you are talking is based i guess on the international no of doctors/100000 population. which in the indian context seem to befar fetched. A more disturbing terend is the fact that we have abt .9 beds/1000 as against 1.9 internationally and still hospitals are struggling to maintain an occupancy over 55% barring Apollo. Even in Cardiac secialities, which in which india is a leader, the occupancy is low 45 -55%. The solution lies to some extent in increasing doctors but also increasing insurance coverage which is abysmally low.



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