January 10, 2010

The Most Obvious Scientific Discoveries of 2009 revealed

In the field of science, studies are conducted to confirm what we suspect to be the case is actually true. However, some results come as absolutely no surprise.

1. High heels lead to foot pain

A study in the October issue of the journal Arthritis Care & Research found that nearly 64 percent of older women who reported foot pain regularly wore high heels, pumps or sandals at some point in their lives.

2. Men much more interested than women in casual sex

A survey of 860 college students discovered that men are more likely than women to report having had casual sex, and they express a greater desire for it than do women. The findings were published this year in the journal Human Nature.

3. Children are affected when a parent suffers from depression

Life is hard for kids whose parents are depressed, according to a study, which showed that a parent's depression increases a child's sense of responsibility and feelings of loneliness.

4. Coed dorms fuel sex and drinking

Scientists found that university students in coed housing are 2.5 times more likely to binge drink every week than undergrads in single-sex dorms. The findings were detailed in the Journal of American College Health.

5. Sweets taste better when you're high

A new study found that "endocannabinoids (the active ingredient in marijuana) both act in the brain to increase appetite and also modulate taste receptors on the tongue to increase the response to sweets. The findings were published online in December in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

6. G-rated children's films are very straight

Scientists found that kids' movies promote the idea of heterosexual love, while leaving out any mention of homosexual relationships.

7. Eating lots of red meat and processed meat is bad for you

Scientists found that eating lots of saturated fat filled red meat, and highly processed and salted meats, is associated with a higher risk of death. The findings were detailed in a paper in the March 23 issue of the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

8. Kids' TV is full of ads for high-fat and high-sugar foods

Scientists found that 70% of food commercials on children's networks touted fast-food restaurants, sugary food, chips, crackers, or sugar-added beverages.

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