December 10, 2009

MCI asks Centre to reconsider NCHRH bill

In a last ditch effort to stop the ministry of Health and Family Welfare from tabling the National Council for Human Resources in Health Bill (NCHRH), 2009 in ongoing winter session of Parliament, which will make way for major changes in the field of medical education and will see the Medical Council of India (MCI) being scrapped, the council has asked the Centre to reconsider the proposed bill on the grounds that it is inconsistent with trends pertaining to regulation of health sciences education in the developed world.
According to a report furnished by MCI functionaries, the bill will hand over the entire control and the functioning of the democratically constituted council to government appointees and a few medical professionals nominated by the government. “This is nothing but a brazen attempt to take over of the entire control and functioning of the autonomous council by complete centralisation, a move that is contrary to well-established democratic principles that continue to remain imperative. This violates Constitutional rights and will affect the day-to-day functioning of the council,” the report says.
The report also states that the draft bill is directly in conflict with the conclusions and recommendations of an ad hoc committee constituted by the Supreme Court.
Criticising the government’s move as undemocratic, the report points out that members of the task force that recommended the scrapping of the MCI have never held any elected position in any medical education body themselves or been associated with the functioning of the council.
“Their recommendations are the antithesis of the legislation that constituted the MCI and against observations of courts that the autonomy of bodies like the MCI should be maintained. The proposed bill entirely destroys the most significant tool for securing autonomy of the council,” the report states.
The MCI has observed that “professional councils being manned by people from outside the profession who do not have the requirements needed and do not go through the tested norms of democratic elections is unheard of worldwide”.

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Anonymous said...

MCI is desperate for is like a typical bollywood movie villain whom the moment u pardon gets up and catches u by your throat again!It is like a corrupt and a ruthless dictator who has no concern for the welfare of medical students and has imposed its whimsical decisions and ideas for so many years only to show its muscle power and to gain crores of rupees through corrupt deals!It has always neglected Government medical colleges where it finds one excuse or the other for not recognizing a particular course while at the same time gives recognition to most of the private colleges sometimes flouting its own so called absurd norms from where it gains crores of rupees.It is like a corrupt police inspector who is more dangerous than a real decoit!Moreover it follows an old clerical system which has no place for evaluating an individual student.It is only concerned about the no of professors and the assistant professors who taught the student and not the individual merit,which is strange because it suggests that if the department has one faculty more, the student passing out is really up to the mark while if one of the faculties have retired and there is a delay in the subsequent appointment, the students meanwhile suddenly become substandard even if they write a standard thesis and pass the same university level examination.The concept of an exit examination which will evaluate the standard of the student under the new NCHRH scheme is really marvellous!the student can show his talent and knowledge rathar than depending upon how many professors taught him or her on which the MCI recognition and derecognition depends!This MCI has been misusing few of the past supreme court orders in its favor which were given in a good faith considering it as a competent and an honest body to shield itself and continuing with the corrupt practices!This is the best chance for the Central Government to get rid of this beast and cleanse the system!Unless this MCI is finished the Medical Education in India will not see a new dawn and MCI will go on with its LICENSE RAJ for ages making all of us medical students and faculty as its please pray to god that the NCHRH bill gets passed..

Anonymous said...

All this propoganda about the NCHRH.
THe winter session of parliament is almost near its end. Will the bill really be passed or will it fizzle out



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