November 24, 2009

School health clinics prove ineffective

Despite endeavours by health department towards good health of schoolchildren studying in government schools, it is sad that due to lack of cooperation from government schools, the school health programme has been rendered largely ineffective.

School health clinics were formed long back. Under related programmes, thorough check-up of students studying in government schools was planned. These check-ups comprise physical check-up that includes dental, eye, and skin examination. In case of primary school, it is mandatory for the school health clinic doctors to do the check-up done twice a year while for secondary schools, it is required once a year.

A health department official said there was lack of cooperation from schools as ground-work including issuance of cards to students with regard to their check-up was yet to be completed. Moreover, instructions given to teachers with respect to children’s health have not been conveyed to the latter.

A teacher from a government school said it was very difficult for teachers to complete the work pertaining to schoolchildren’s health as they were overburdened with duties relating to mid-day meals and other work. Teaching work was suffering, the teacher said.

Notably, during the pulse polio campaign, employees of the health department had made a complaint to the civil surgeon that school authorities had not allowed health employees to administer polio drops to children studying in their schools. Authorities in such schools are said to have feared that parents of students might object to the idea. Health department identified 15 such schools in posh areas.

Dr Manu Vij, incharge of the school health programme, said it was true that most of the schools did not cooperate with the health department staff that had visited schools to examine children. He added that if schools cooperated with them, a lot of improvement could be effected in the school health clinic programme results.

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