September 03, 2009

MCI knives out for health ministry

In an unprecedented move, the Medical Council of India (MCI) has put in writing several accusations against the Union ministry of health
for trampling on its autonomy and granting permission to start medical colleges despite the council recommending otherwise. Incidentally, the government is planning to scrap this autonomous body which was set up in 1956 with a view to drawing a road map for medical education.

In its 60-page report, the MCI notes that "on several occasions" its decision to withhold permission, based on "deficiencies of teaching faculty, clinical material, infrastructure etc" have been overruled by the ministry "without reason". It is this "erosion of autonomy", it avers, that has caused more "damage to medical education" in the country.

When questioned on the charges, former health minister Anbumani Ramadoss claimed that the MCI had become "a law unto itself", and that he had received several complaints of corruption against it. "MCI often refuses to carry out inspections when directed by the ministry," he said. "We were hence forced to set up our own inspection team made up of senior doctors who were sent to colleges and then asked to send their observations to the ministry."

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