September 27, 2009

MCI aims to bring back 5,000 NRI docs in 5 yrs from US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Amendments in the Medical Council of India (MCI) regulations will open the floodgates for hundreds of non-resident Indian (NRI) doctors to come back to their roots. MCI chairman Dr Ketan Desai says the council has eased the cross-over rules and has set a target of bringing back 5,000 Indian doctors, including teachers, settled in US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

MCI has removed the main bottleneck by recognising the postgraduation and other degrees of these specific countries where health facilities are supposedly best in the world and the education was done in English medium. They have the choice of coming back to teach in a private or government college as well as work in a private or government hospital. Also, they can set up their own medical colleges and hospitals. Indian doctors in these countries are the richest segment even among NRIs.

While some of them may be wanting to come back because of recession, there are others who have made plenty of money and are not looking to come back to India to make more money. "There is a large segment who wants to serve their homeland,'' said Dr Desai, who is based in Ahmedabad.

Apart from accepting foreign degrees, the MCI has made special provision so that foreign experience is also counted. For example, if there is a professor of medicine in a US university, with the required number of years of experience to become one in India, he can be hired as a professor by any medical college in India. This will bring about a huge change not only in the cities but also in the countryside, if the doctors returning home really go deeper into their roots. Besides, MCI also sees the possibility of groups of NRI doctors coming back and pooling in their resources to build hospitals and medical colleges.

"This exercise will infuse competition in the private sector and be good for the overall health infrastructure in the long run. Imagine if we have two professors in cardiac surgery coming back to Ahmedabad, which has only two or three cardiac surgeons right now, so many more cardiac surgeons will be readied in the next ten years,'', the MCI chief said.

For marketing the concept, MCI has teamed up with the Indian Medical Association, Association of American Physicians of India and British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin to host an event in New Delhi on January 2-4.

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Dr Mohd Tariq Salman said...

A step in the right direction and need of the hour. But more countries should be added.



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