August 21, 2009

IITs finally getting close to medical science

It's great to see the first and the oldest of all IITs to make a move towards medical education and research. IIT Kharagpur has signed a unique partnership with the University of California San Diego Health Sciences to set up an International Academic Medical Center at IIT-K.

IIT-K Director Damodar Acharya believes this collaboration to be among the first between an IIT and a public US university in the field of medical education and research. In addition to IIT's strong education and research focus in engineering and the sciences, we also are keenly interested in medical science and technology, including biotechnology, imaging, drug development and other important areas of medical research, he says.

The agreement describes the two institution's collaborative plan to build a 300-bed, state-of-the-art hospital on land provided by IIT, Kharagpur. The IMC will include a research and development center, as well as an infrastructure for the training of health care providers.

"The long-term goal is to enable IIT to provide health care services to patients from the States of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa as well as low-cost care for medically underserved populations, including tribal groups of the region," said Acharya.

UC San Diego will partner in developing the IMC, providing leadership and training in such areas as nursing, hospital administration, health information systems, pharmaceutical practices, telemedicine, quality assessment and safety, among others.

This was so badly needed. I really hope all our top engineering institutions have a wing/centre devoted to medical sciences because that would change how we do biomedical, and engineering, innovation in this country.

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