August 05, 2009

DNB to be scrapped? :Exit exam planned for appointment in academic institutions

The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry proposes to conduct a national-level exit examination as a standardised post-graduation test for appointment in academic institutions.

To be conducted by the National Council for Human Resources in Health (NCHRH), which will be set up shortly, the test will be equivalent to an MD or an MD awarded by any recognised university. It will lead to archiving of the National Board of Examination.

The examination may be taken by individuals with a postgraduate degree recognised by the Council. It will also be open to professionals who have received requisite medical/health-related training from the NCHRH-accredited academic or non-academic institutions, but have not been able to pass university-level examinations, as well as those holding a foreign postgraduate degree in medicine or health obtained from an institution not recognised by the Council.

While all Central and State universities will conduct their own examinations and award degrees, all trainees in medical colleges or health professional training institutions, as well as health professionals who have received medical/health-related training from an NCHRH-accredited non-academic institution within the country will be eligible to appear for postgraduate programmes at the university level and obtain MD/MS degrees.

The examination will be conducted through the Internet and will mostly follow a multiple-choice format.

Individuals possessing the criteria for appearing for the examination will be classified as ‘board eligible.’

Upon passing the examination, an individual will be classified as ‘board certified.’ But, in order to be ‘board certified,’ one must qualify within three years of being ‘board eligible.’

All ‘board eligible’ candidates can practise in non-academic institutions, However, to be appointed in an academic institution, an individual will need to possess either a postgraduate degree from a recognised university or to be ‘board certified.’

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Anonymous said...

hi...does it apply for diploma holders too?

Prahalathan said...

Of course!

sailendra said...

Do the DNB degree holders working in Medical colleges require to pass NCHRH exam (be board certified) to continue their jobs.

Prahalathan said...

I'm not sure about that, though might be unlikely to be applied retrospectively.



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