August 29, 2009

2,000 register to donate organs at launch of MIOT, Chennai

The numbers leave much to be desired, but they also show that Tamil Nadu has been able to do more than the rest of the country when it comes to organ donation. The state remains the leader in the field, and credit must go to the successful public-private partnerships in healthcare here.

The central organ registry formed by the state health department a year ago has registered more than 100 cadaver transplants, offering a new lease of life to more than 500 people. Almost all the donations came from private hospitals, such as the Apollo Specialty Hospitals here and the Christian Medical College in Vellore.

"We are seeing a paradigm shift in people's attitude to organ donation. Many more are coming forward to donate organs of loved ones. It's because people are becoming increasingly aware of organ donation and its benefits," says urologist Dr Sunil Shroff, managing trustee, Multi-Organ Harvesting and Network (MOHAN) Foundation, which has been campaigning for cadaver transplants.

Doctors at Apollo Specialty Hospitals agree. "It has been an extremely difficult task. We try and offer support to grieving relatives. Payment is usually waived. This way, we are able to convince some people to go in for donation," said transplant surgeon Dr Anand Khakar.

Every year, more than 100,000 Indians suffer from end-stage renal disease, but only 100 get kidneys from deceased donors. However, through private initiatives such as the MIOT Organ Drive (MODE) launched by deputy chief minister M K Stalin on Friday, private healthcare providers hope to chip in.

Launched to mark the 10th anniversary of MIOT Hospital, MODE has been established to motivate people to donate organs. Managing director, MIOT Hospitals, Dr P V Mohandas says: "Today alone, 2,000 people have registered to donate their organs; during the past five days we have received e-mails from over 5,000 people conveying interest." Stalin and his wife, Durgavathi, were the first to register with MODE.

Last year, a series of government orders were issued, providing information on organ donation and related issues, such as listing criteria for non-transplant centres to retrieve organs from brain-dead persons and procedures to be adopted for cadaver transplant. It has also facilitated the partnership between private hospitals and traffic police in setting up green corridors' for the quick transfer of organs from one place to another.

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