July 03, 2009

Virus dogs online PG medical exam in Tamil Nadu

The Directorate of Medical Education (DME) cancelled the online entrance examinations for super-specialty courses in medicine held at Vel Tech Engineering College near Avadi on Sunday following technical errors, including a computer virus attack. The dates for fresh examinations will be announced later, the DME said.

The selection committee had invited more than 500 students to write the DM and MCh entrance tests that went online for the first time. The committee attempted to prepare the students in advance by giving them the compact discs of the exam model explaining about the online test. “For many of us, the CD just did not open because of some virus,” a surgeon, who appeared for the exams, said.

On Sunday, trouble began as soon as students logged in at 10 am. “It said I had already taken the exam. I called for techinical assistance. After some struggle they helped me log in,” said another surgeon. By 11 am, the selection committee announced that the test was cancelled following a “virus attack”.

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