April 04, 2009

Technology giants introducing new notions of health technology

Health technology is becoming another popular mantra of the day and is also attracting the technology giants all over the globe (in the hope of a new venture). This has become more evident due to the recent approaches of General Electric and Intel, two well-known technology bigwigs in the realm of the United States of America. What are their primary objectives? It has been learnt that they are tying to make available more health care out of hospitals and doctors’ chambers.

According to the combined declaration of the companies, the joint budget is of $250 million and will be spent methodically in the next five years on research and development of health technologies.
The basic objective, as already said, will be to enable doctors to remotely monitor, diagnose and consult with patients in their homes or assisted-living residences. In short, both are hopeful that this will bring forth a new age in nationwide healthcare scenario and heighten the importance of technology in this sphere.

What has motivated the companies to pursue this trend is not known yet but as indicated by sources, both companies are considering that health technologies may defeat the ominous effects of recession. It should be remembered, in this context, that both companies have fledgling offerings in the field of telehealth and home health monitoring. Intel has just introduced a special-purpose computer with two-way video capability and is called Intel Health Guide. Among its exciting features, there is the presence of a link over the Internet to a doctor, nurse or physician assistant.

On the other hand, the health care business of General Electric worth $17 billion-a-year ranges from medical imaging equipment to electronic health records. It has come to the knowledge that GE has agreed to distribute Intel’s computer system by means of its global sales force.

“Today’s systems just won’t scale,” said Louis J. Burns, general manager of Intel’s digital health group. “Health care has to go efficiently into the home, to enable elders to age in place with dignity.”
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