April 06, 2009

Gujarat Doctors to fight proposed public health legislation

The medical fraternity in the state of Gujarat is all set to fight against the proposed legislation on public health. Doctors from all over the state will hold a special meeting under the banner of Indian Medical Association (Gujarat State Branch) here next Sunday to register their discontent over the move.
The Gujarat Public Health Act, 2009 carries several provisions that already exist in the current legislation, so the proposed one is redundant, feel doctors. What is more intriguing for them is the induction of certain new regulatory provisions that they feel will make medical treatment in rural and semi-urban areas beyond the reach of middle and lower-middle classes.

They said the new legislation is nothing short of an attempt to unduly enrich big corporate hospitals at the cost of the patients by ensuring high-cost treatment at government hospitals.

“We are studying and analysing provisions in the draft and holding detailed discussions on the possible implications not only on the medical fraternity, but also on patients and others,” said Dr M R Kanani, president of the Gujarat State Branch of IMA.

“The indifference to problems faced by doctors can be seen from the amount of space devoted to the rights of doctors as compared to those of consumers and other stake holders in the draft legislation,” he said.

What has angered doctors is the provisions of the draft law that empowers medically ignorant persons to decide on justification and correctness or otherwise of professional decisions taken by doctors in the course of their practice, said sources.

“Not only that, it proposes to consider ‘dayans’ (women who help a pregnant woman in giving birth to a child) at par with experts by making them part of the supervisory bodies,” Dr Kanani said.

Another aspect that has left doctors disturbed is the proposal to set up special courts for handling medical offences and to enact stringent penal provisions. Kanani said the existing provisions under the Consumer Protection Act can successfully deter erroneous professionals and there was no need to have additional provisions.

The provisions relating to doctors being sent to police custody are against the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court, he added.

On medical public hearings, which the proposed law provides for, he said the need of the hour is to first educate members of the general public about the technical aspects instead of straightaway opening up a forum to them.

Instead of painting doctors as villains, it is imperative to improve the performance of the government-run hospitals, he said adding, these hospitals won’t be left in the cocoon of official protection once the law cames into effect. Kanani went on to say that due attention should be given to issues relating to taxing hospitals.

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Anonymous said...

The new legislation seems to be a good one. I can't quite understand as to why the medicos are opposing. One of the unfortunate things about India is that every step forward meets with opposition from various quarters
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pradeep said...

new base for corruption, law favours corporate hospital set up, designed for NRIand RICH people. Cost of treatment will go up three to four times more than the routine costs in private hospitals.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the BABUS are now looking to extend their domains (NET) of power, they are fed up with the DRY government Doctors who are not able to give them any JUICES.... so these DON--- are looking for the GREENER pasture outside their fields (the Government Sector) and thus increase their personal revenues, by squeezing the POWERLESS DOCTORS in private practice.....These BABUS should learn that they will give more PUBLIC services if they can CLEAN up the POLITICAL sectors, off the DIRT that is there.... BUT they know any finguring there may take their scalp.... SO they STEER CLEAR of Politicians.....

SO the public should take notice that ULTIMATELY the PUBLIC will endup paying higher than today for the same services.... because the excess willl Directly or Indirectly go to these BABUS......

Anonymous said...

It`s govt`s duty to provide right to health to all citizens.this is a draconian law . no doctors can practice with such laws. It`s a copy of western world where health service is provided by govt & doctors are drawing their salary from govt . doctors won`t mind accepting law if govt ia ready to pay all doctors atleast 1 lac rs salary monthly 3 lacs to consultant.Indian doctors are the cheapest doctors in world & India people are lucky.but these politician couldn`t tolerate this good fortune of Indian people.they want to increase the cost of health service for poor indians . they want to establish licence raj & corruption in health sector.my suspicion is that are corporate hospitals bribing govt officials to increase their business.by this law BJP is going to lose it`s only support of intelligent class.It will affect votig in MP election.s ave

Anonymous said...

it`s the begining of nav nirman. hard stand of health minister will cause problem to himself . this agitation will have furios implication on health minister . all junior doctors , govt doctors all private doctors - allopathy,homeopathy, ayurvedic,unani,dentist,physiotherapist will support this agitation

Prahalathan said...

The government may have brought in this legislation with good intentions, but I guess like all government machinery, this would also require oiling (money) to move resulting in corruption all around.

dr.ramesh said...






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