March 09, 2009

Now, browse and save on medical bills

Soon, a simple online search on Google or Yahoo will help you save on your medical bill. The government is planning to provide

comprehensive details of all commonly used medicines and their cheaper versions on the Internet to enable both doctors and consumers make an informed choice.

The idea is to promote awareness about low-priced unbranded generic drugs available in the market, while keeping a check on big pharmaceutical companies that push their branded medicine with huge promotional expenses, an official in the department of pharmaceutical said on condition of anonymity.

The department is in talks with popular search engines like Yahoo! and Google to ensure that details of all popular medicines along with a price comparison between branded medicines and their generic counterparts are easily available for netizens.

Generic drugs are medicines marketed without a brand name but are identical to their branded counterparts in terms of dose, strength, route of administration, safety, efficacy and intended use. In terms of price, they are substantially cheaper than the branded drugs.

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