March 10, 2009

Medical student killed in ragging

A Delhi Public School student who had taken admission in a medical school in Himachal Pradesh last year met with a horrible death at Aman Kachroo had repeatedly complained to his parents about the brutal ragging. (TOI Photo)
the hands of seniors who are training to be doctors. ( Watch )

Aman Kachroo (19), who passed out of DPS International in Saket and enrolled at the Dr Rajendra Prasad Medical College, Tanda, in Kangra last August had repeatedly complained to his parents about the brutal ragging that took place on campus — often by completely drunk third-year students.

On Friday night and Saturday morning, the boy was beaten so badly that he died.

"Aman used to tell us about ragging but we never thought that it was so serious. The first-year students had complained to the college administration recently, but despite that, no steps were taken to stop ragging. We've lost our son, but many others can be saved if timely steps are taken," his aunt Indira Dhar said on Monday. She said the body was being brought to Gurgaon where the parents have been living since the family moved back to India from Tanzania. Aman's father is still a visiting faculty at the Dar-es-Salaam University.

Indira Dhar alleged that due to severe beatings at the hands of senior students, Aman sustained grievous injuries on his chest, ears and face. The hostel manager had asked the students to file a written complaint, but even then no action was taken.

That the faculty and college administration had looked away from the campus brutality was obvious. But even after the death was reported, administrators tried to pass off the death as a suicide. Only after the matter blew up and cops got involved, the principal, as a token gesture, rusticated four students suspected to be involved in the ragging.

"Preliminary investigations reveal that the victim was under extreme stress following the ragging by third-year students and had collapsed on Sunday. We were informed of the incident around 9.30 pm," Kangra SP Atul Fulelzele said. That implies that the college authorities did not call the cops for nearly an entire day after Aman died.

Virkin Dhar, the victim's cousin, said he had told her that senior students used to rag juniors after getting drunk and the same thing happened on Saturday night, when they physical assaulted freshers. "We have come to know that senior students had punched and slapped Aman, inflicting internal injuries that proved to be fatal," she said.

Himachal Pradesh government suspended the hostel warden and manager after the death became public. Terming it as an unfortunate incident, state health minister Rajiv Bindal said, "Strict action would be initiated against students who were involved in it. Police are looking into the matter and well ensure total transparency in the proceedings. An autopsy was done in-camera and in the presence of a lawyer.

According to Times Now, two senior medical college students have been arrested and the principal of the college has resigned.



The country is celebrating Id-e-Milad and is preparing to celebrate Holi tomorrow. Unfortunately, the Kachroo family will not be celebrating Holi as they are grieving loss of their son. Neither I know Kachroos nor I knew Aman. However, the mindless killing of a 19 year old by his seniors in the name of ragging has shaken me. Tomorrow it could be my boss’s son, ten years down the line it could be my son.

With the increasing privatization of higher education in India, academic institutions in India have been experiencing increasing ragging-related excesses. Despite the Raghavan Committee's recommendations and the Supreme Court's recent observations, most of the universities and colleges in the State have not taken any serious action to curb the menace of ragging on their campuses. Have we become so insensitive that we shall let these incidents pass as a hit and run case?
There is a Facebook group "LET US SHOUT AGAINST RAGGING: PROTEST AGAINST THE TRAGIC DEATH OF AMAN" against ragging. Please join to make a voice against this.

Anonymous said...

I feel that the students who are responsible for the death of the juniors should be hanged. This will set an example for all those Medical/ Eng guys who consider themselves as gang leader and do ragging. We have a bill pending in the parliament to stop ragging in educational institutions. But unfortunately our currupt politicians have hardly any time to think over that. I hope this incident will force the Govt to do something to prevent such inhuman incidents in our educational institutions.




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