March 03, 2009

IMA welcomes SC judgement on medical negligence complaints

Welcoming the Supreme Court judgement on medical negligence complaints, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Sunday said it would help in improving doctor-patient relationship.

"This judgement will clarify many ambiguities and confusions regarding complaints of wrong treatments, which will definitely help in improving the doctor-patient relationship," IMA National President Ashok Adhao told reporters here.

The Supreme Court in its judgement on February 17 held that the police cannot arrest doctors over complaints of medical negligence and courts, including consumer fora, cannot issue notice to them for alleged medical negligence without prima facie evidence.

Adhao said the judgement was necessary to avoid harassment to doctors who may not be found to be negligent. "We further warn the police officials not to arrest or harass doctors unless the facts clearly come within the parameters laid down," he said.


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