February 27, 2009

Smart card to help in medical emergencies

A smart card will now come to the rescue to retrieve medical information during emergencies. Yos Technologies on Wednesday at Bangalore launched the YosCare health and emergency care smart card, which will help with critical information about a patient -- blood group, allergies, health problems, medications, contact details -- during an emergency.

It is expected to assist doctors take quick and accurate decisions. Once the card is inserted into the Emergency Card Terminal in a hospital or ambulance, the information is retrieved as a print-out.

Twenty hospitals are part of the network. The facility is also avaialable in ambulances run by CTC Sanjeevini. Information can be updated online, through sms or at drop-in boxes in member hospitals.

The card is targeted at senior citizens, individuals with chronic health problems and two-wheeler riders, who are all at a risk of an emergency. About four lakh such cards are expected to be distributed this year.

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