February 21, 2009

Bad medical practices could have led to Hepatitis-B outbreak

State health minister Jay Narayan Vyas on Thursday indicated that spread of the Hepatitis-B outbreak could get bigger.

Already seven doctors in Sabarkantha have been booked for bad medical practices.
Responding to the issue raised by BJP MLA Dilipsinh Parmar in the state Assembly on Thursday Vyas said of the 1,50,642 people checked in 227 villages in the district, it was found that 459 people had taken injections, 1,883 people had undergone surgeries, another 152 had taken dental treatment and 25 people had under gone blood transfusion. All of these could cause transmission of the deadly virus if care was not taken by medical practitioners. Vyas indicated that these could be the possible reason for the outbreak.

He said that 11 medical teams are in the area and are collecting blood samples for further analysis. Two members from National Institute of Virology, Pune, are also camping here studying the outbreak.

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