January 01, 2009

Private hospitals to aid public health

The question of quantity versus quality tends to dog health care initiatives of administrations around the world.
That often leads to government hospitals not having enough facilities to handle the patient load as they have to offer services at a lower cost.
Under such conditions, privately owned health facilities gain public trust, as they can provide all necessary facilities by charging more.

Soon, city residents will be able to get facilities like those available with private health care providers at charges similar to those at a government hospital. UT intends to create a panel of such clinics and diagnostic centres in January.

People visiting these chosen facilities will be charged less and the remaining amount will be reimbursed by the administration.

Director (health services) MS Bains said this was being done to harmonize standards at private and public health care centres.

This is the first step towards the public-private partnership. The objective is to enhance medical facilities without needing to set up more hospitals. These clinics will share the load of primary health centres, he added.
The system will provide diagnostic facilities like X-ray, CT scan and ambulance services.

It is not possible for us to make ambulances available all the time. Under this system, private players can offer facilities for a bit more than what they cost in government hospital.

Private clinics will be roped in for delivering babies if government hospitals are full.

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