November 13, 2008

Intel launches home medical monitor

Venturing its way into the health care industry, Intel, the chip maker, has launched a home medical monitor, called the Health Guide, essentially for patients with chronic problems.

The Health Guide was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in July this year. The apparatus, a medical monitor with a web interface, includes a home health laptop, web application and a database.

Akin to an alarm clock, it can beep at a preset time to jog the patient’s memory. It can enable patients to seek answers to their questions from the database. Since the 'Guide' is equipped with equipments like glucose reader, blood pressure cuffs and other sensors, it is likely to benefit patients suffering from heart failure, hypertension and diabetes.

Highlighting the importance of Helath Guide, Mariah Scott, head of sales and marketing at Intel Digital Health Group said, "Health care is an area where getting and gathering the right information, and getting decisions made in a timely matter can make an enormous difference in patient care. We hope this technology helps with that."

Health guide is likely to save billions of dollars as it will reduce medical costs drastically since the treatment will be done at home. The senior citizens are likely to be the biggest beneficiary of this breakthrough.

Hank Osowski, senior vice president of corporate development for Scan Health Plan said, "The power of this system is we can use it to see many more people on a daily basis and let seniors engage in their own health care."

Intel has associated with two major non-profit organizations in the United States viz Mayo Clinic and the American Heart Association, with a view to provide the application's assessments, treatment guidelines and the educational content.

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