November 14, 2008

e-Sanjeevani is here to bring medical help home

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Mohali, has developed an Internet-based software solution, e-Sanjeevani, to provide an interface between doctors and patients. Having successfully tested the pilot project, the centre has signed an MoU with six states to share the database of patients through the Common Services Centres (CSC).
“e-Sanjeevani is an upgraded version of our existing telemedicine application, Sanjeevani. It is a result of core resource and development effort in the area of medical informatics, healthcare, telemedicine and e-health. We signed an MoU in September and the software will be used by Bihar, UP, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, West Bengal and Assam at the CSCs, where the database will be stored for the use of doctors,” said Dr J S Bhatia, Director, C-DAC Mohali.

C-DAC will conduct a pre-workshop conference on Friday, on the sidelines of the National Conference of Telemedicine Society of India — Telemedicon08, to create national awareness and visibility about its various e-products.

e-Sanjeevani is a web-based software, where a doctor can log on to the site just like an email account — with a specific user ID and password — and access the patients’ database and transfer medical records electronically to other consultants. Doctors can chat among themselves to discuss a particular case. Patients, too, can have their specific ID and log on individually to have their medical update and online consultation with doctors.

“e-sanjeevani is user friendly as it has comprehensive electronic medical recorder with unique patient IDs. Online diagnostic test reports are available to the doctors, and expert tele-consultation among leading healthcare institutions and professionals in various specialties is possible,” explained the director.

PGI has been running the pilot project of e-sanjeevani in which a database of 500 asthma patients has been fed and can be accessed any time by doctors on the Internet. Under the project, however, the patients do not have an access to their medical record.

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