October 30, 2008

Goa Medical Council set to counter quacks

In an attempt to stop quacks from practicing in the state, the Goa Medical Council’s disciplinary and ethics committee chairman has

recommended that the council should immediately issue orders to seal premises of those who don’t have qualifications in allopathy, ayurveda or homoeopathy but still practice medicine.

According to a report on the ‘Survey of quackery in Goa’ submitted to the council by committee chairman Dr Ulhas Karpe, there are around 41 quacks operating in the state, with more than 30 indulging in unauthorized allopathic practice.

The report recommends that the Goa Medical Council should give a final warning to registered ayurved and homoeopathic practitioners not to practise allopathy.

“Any premise sealed by Goa Medical Council could be unsealed only after payment of Rs 10,000 and a written undertaking from the owners of the premise should be taken by the council stating that they wouldn’t repeat the mistake,” said Dr Karpe.

There is also a suggestion to start a friendly dialogue between the council and board of Indian/homoeopathy systems to explore ways and means to urge members to stick to their own disciplines of medicine and refrain from trespassing into other disciplines.

It has also been recommended that the council should issue instructions to all pathological laboratories in the state to register themselves with the council and also make it mandatory for all laboratories to function only under supervision of a registered pathologist.

“All opticians should be registered with the council and opticians providing facilities for eye check up or refraction should be instructed to avail the services of a registered opthalmologist,” said Dr Karpe.

“These recommendations have to be approved by the Goa Medical Council,” added Dr Karpe.

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