October 07, 2008

2 more genetic diagnostic centres in the offing

The way genetic diseases and conditions are diagnosed is set to change drastically in the state, with the launch of two new genetic diagnostic centres shortly. The centres, which will be set up at Rajkot and Bhavnagar civil hospitals, will function as complete genetic diagnostic centres with facilities ranging from research and training to detection.

At present, Gujarat has a total of four such centres, including one private and three Government laboratories. However, the three government centres have been carrying out research and diagnosis on specific disorders.

For example, the Zoology Department at Gujarat University looks at male infertility; the Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad focuses on cancer; and the Foundation for Research in Genetic and Endocrinology in Ahmedabad studies chromosome analysis. The new centres, however, are the first two government centres in the state that will provide treatment for all genetic diseases and conditions.

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