September 16, 2008

InfoLogix Launches HealthTrax 2.0 to Help Hospitals Automate Time-Consuming Asset and Patient Tracking

InfoLogix, Inc. , a leading technology provider of enterprise mobility and advanced wireless asset tracking solutions for the healthcare and commercial industries, announced today a new version of its innovative HealthTrax Wireless Asset Tracking Solution(TM), which enables healthcare organizations to leverage mobile technologies to automate mission-critical and labor- intensive tasks.

The HealthTrax 2.0 solution draws upon sophisticated Real-Time Location System (RTLS) and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) wireless technologies to collect and analyze real-time information, providing stakeholders with visibility into resource and asset locations as well as delivering vital telemetry data. Through a wireless network of small RFID transmitter tags, HealthTrax 2.0 pinpoints the location of specific assets and people throughout a hospital, making real-time information continuously available at the enterprise level. HealthTrax 2.0 can be configured to eliminate a variety of process inefficiencies often found in healthcare environments and can seamlessly automate the following functions:

Patient Location Tracking - HealthTrax 2.0 enables hospitals to accurately track the real-time status and location of patients throughout their facility to actively monitor resource requirements, alleviate potential bottlenecks and enhance patient safety. Through an easy-to-use, web-based search and view tool or handheld application, healthcare administrators can collect and aggregate valuable patient information to analyze long-term patient trends for improvement in the allocation of specialized equipment, patient rooms and medical personnel.

Asset Location Tracking - The HealthTrax solution allows hospitals to operate more efficiently by improving their ability to track the specific location and status of critical, transient assets such as wheelchairs, infusion pumps, ventilators, etc. HealthTrax 2.0 features advanced mapping and reporting capabilities that enable instantaneous feedback on an asset's location and status, enabling healthcare professionals to spend more time with patients and less time searching for necessary equipment.

Temperature Monitoring - HealthTrax 2.0 automates the collection and monitoring of sensitive temperature data for refrigerated items such as blood products, medications, vaccines and tissue samples that require strictly- regulated, temperature-storage procedures. The HealthTrax solution encompasses a powerful alert management capability which allows technicians to automatically receive an alert if a refrigerator's tag reports a temperature change of more than five degrees, decreasing compliance costs associated with storage procedures and preventing damage to costly inventories.

"Healthcare organizations are constantly looking to find new ways to decrease costs and increase operational efficiencies," said Barry Runyon, Research VP, Gartner, Inc. "Wireless and mobility applications offer them a way to retrieve and analyze a wide-variety of information quickly, providing them with a timely, accurate and comprehensive view of the operational side of their business, thus enabling them to make the necessary workflow improvements."

"The launch of HealthTrax 2.0 underscores our commitment to developing mobility solutions that address the real-world challenges our customers are facing," noted David Gulian, president and CEO of InfoLogix. "Being able to access high-quality information in new ways is fundamentally changing healthcare delivery, and we're pleased to provide our healthcare customers with increasingly advanced mobility solutions, like HealthTrax 2.0, to save them valuable time and money."

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