August 06, 2008

Nine Kyrgyz doctors jailed for infecting kids with HIV

A court in Kyrgyzstan has jailed nine doctors for infecting children with HIV in several hospitals across the south of the country, a judicial source said, cited by the Aki news agency.

The doctors were sentenced to prison terms ranging from three to five years and ordered to pay 10,000 dollars in damages and interest to the children and their families, after being found guilty of negligence.

Prosecutors on Tuesday said 41 children and four mothers were contaminated in four different hospitals in a scandal that was first made public last summer.

Four doctors were sacked in July for allowing the virus, which causes AIDS, to spread. The health ministry said last August that the infections occurred "during injections and blood transfusions."

A similar scandal broke out last year in neighbouring Kazakhstan, where some 100 children were infected with the AIDS virus and 21 medical staff were sentenced to prison terms of up to eight years.

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Rural Physician said...

Goodness. If this be the attitude of medical professionals, wonder what the lay people may come to!?

Let the hope prevail



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