June 03, 2008

Business of good health at gymnasiums

A modern day gym is a facility where you work out, meditate doing some yoga, feel good with some aerobics exercise, and relax your senses with a day spa and then look good by grooming at the saloon. Personal trainers get more and more professional and gyms make sure your follow the diet prescribed by providing the meals at you doorstep!

Not many years ago a plump Sridevi or a flabby Rishi Kapoor were accepted as superstars by their fans. Things have changed now and today, the badshaahs of the industry require six-pack abs and the queens need lissome charms to woo their fans. A well-toned body is not merely a requirement but an obsession.

The craze among the Bollywood stars is only a reflection of the society that is getting serious about battling the bulge. Encashing this trend are the modern gymnasiums that are adopting a comprehensive approach to the health and well being of its members.

Gymnasiums have thrived for long in small apartments converted into exercise dens. However, with popular international health chains entering the country and domestic players getting organised, this new base of theirs is becoming a haven for the fitness freaks.

Largely referred as ‘fitness or health centres’, these are no less than 10,000 sq ft in area and include a work out area, yoga studios, aerobics studios, sauna and steam rooms, day spas, swimming pools, massage centres, food courts serving holistic food and even DVD libraries ensuring relaxation and entertainment!

As per recent estimates, the fitness and wellness segment in India can be valued at Rs 2,500 crore. The growing segment and increasing number of health conscious Indians is attracting global players. For instance, Fitness First, UK’s popular international chain of health clubs, recently made its debut in India. Vikram Aditya Bhatia, the managing director of Fitness First India Private Ltd, describes the facility as a large-format gym.

Apart from modern equipment and machines, members can avail free beverages and DVD library. “The idea is to create a place other than the place to love and work. The comfortable ambience would encourage people to spend quality time here,” says Bhatia. The first center has come up in Gurgaon and next will open soon in Connaught Place in New Delhi. It will be spread over 24,000 square feet.

The company plans to invest Rs 12-16 crore in each club and Rs 200 crore over the next three years in India. The center promises to provide five-star fitness at affordable prices. The membership is available at Rs 3000 per month exclusive of taxes. If one opts for a personal trainer, Fitness First offers a wide variety of packages ranging between Rs 600 to Rs1,500 per session.

Another popular international chain Gold Gym already has its presence in India. It offers the latest equipment and services including group exercise, personal training, cardiovascular equipment, spinning and yoga, while maintaining its core weight lifting tradition. Additional facilities include steam, luxury massages and a juice bar.

The idea of a complete fitness center has attracted many domestic entrepreneurs as well. Take for instance, the two IIM Ahmedabad graduates Nikhil Vaswani and Rohit Shankar. Their brainchild Wellocity is a ‘wellness center’ offering programs customised to your requirements.

The USP of this center is its focus on “helping you implement the programs” essential for your fitness. “Our extensive service lines ensure that the requirements of your wellness program are fulfilled and obstacles experienced in your path to wellness are minimized,” asserts Vaswani.

It is well known that a healthy diet plays a significant role in keeping your body fit. Yet maintaining that diet is the biggest obstacle, given the modern hectic lifestyles and temptations of fast food. Wellocity will soon take care of this by offering to deliver food in homes and offices. The meals would be the one suiting your fitness needs.

Aside from gymnasium that offers a customised workout package, Wellocity offers an aerobics studio, a yoga studio, a kickboxing center, a day spa and saloon. The center takes care of providing the right atmosphere to exercise. While live DJ creates lively ambience at the gymnasium, peppy music provides an ideal setting for aerobics workouts. It offers membership at Rs 24,000 per year.

A healthy mind is vital for attaining a healthy body. What better way to unwind your mind through yoga or may be a relaxing massage! PowerHouse gym in Delhi offers the benefits of yoga and pilates classes, a sauna and steam room, and massage facilities. A dietician, physiotherapist, nutritionist are also available.

The gym is a dance lover’s delight as it boasts live DJ and will soon add Salsa classes to its repertoire. While the gym membership is available for Rs 12,000 per annum, massage facilities command an extra charge of Rs 2,800 per year.

Fitness First Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Body Combat, Aerobics,Body Balance etc. Will have DVD library within the center Power House Whole body vibration equipment, aerobics activities, yoga classes, pilates classes, sauna room and steam room Wellocity Aerobics studio, a yoga studio, a kickboxing center, a day spa and saloon.

Will add a food court offering holistic food and home delivery Gold Gym Latest equipment and services - personal training, cardiovascular equipment, spinning and yoga. Additional facilities include steam, luxury massages and a juice bar.

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