June 18, 2008

BCBS Signs With Google’s Online Healthcare Portal

Massachusetts’ medical insurance provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield, is all geared-up with the thought of digitized medical records. This week it teamed up with Google Health, Google’s latest healthcare Web portal, to become its first health insurer member.

Roughly around 3 million members of the Massachusetts’ Blue Cross and Blue Shield will now be able to go online and look up their healthcare claims and medical records.

The insurer also hopes to provide a more organized approach to its members and ensures high level safety and efficacy of its health care services.

“The partnership is expected to make available an important tool that can be used by members to keep better track of their medical information,” BCBSMA Chairman and CEO Cleve Killingsworth said.

"We believe Google Health will be an important tool used by our members to improve the safety and effectiveness of their healthcare," Killingsworth added.

About Google Health:

Google Health, a personal health information centralization service offered by Google has been under development since mid-2006. On completion and before its launch on May 20, 2008, the service underwent a two-month pilot test with 1,600 patients of The Cleveland Clinic.

Google Health allows its users to volunteer their health records -- either manually or by logging into their accounts at partnered health services providers -- into the Google Health system.

The online health program is powered by the ability to organize, manage and store personal health information in one secure online location. It is equipped with facilities like fix up appointments, e-mail doctors, transfer medical data to and from healthcare providers,refill prescriptions and access test results online.

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