May 27, 2008

Bartronics’ RFID-based wristband for patient care

Bartronics America Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bartronics India Ltd, today announced it has implemented radio frequency identification (RFID)-based wrist band that helps better manage patient medication process.

This RFID wrist band assists nurses and in health care by automating the process of administering patient medication.

This device was used in a clinical trial involving cancer patients at the Halifax Health Medical Centre in the US.

A study conducted on patients who used these RFID tags showed that 95 per cent of patients involved found the device easy to use and they were better able to control pain.

They managed to take care themselves instead of relying on nurses to provide pills. And 84 per cent of nurses said this saved them time.

Bartronics RFID wristband features inlay antenna and a chip that is tamper proof. Once affixed, it has to be cut open and discarded.

The Managing Director of Bartronics India, Sudhir Rao, in a statement said besides healthcare, the company’s focus on the leisure and entertainment space, the transportation sector and the education sector offer a $2-billion opportunity.

During the current financial year, Bartronics America expects to generate revenues of $40 million.

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