March 05, 2008

Gates Foundation seeks proposal for innovative health research

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation on wednesday said it will start accepting grant proposals from March 31 for the 100 million dollar initiative to help scientists across the globe in solving major health problems.

The foundation would start accepting proposals for the first round of funding as 'Grand Challenges Exploration' and the initial grant through the exploration's initiative would be of 100 million dollars.

Grand Challenges Explorations is an expansion of Grand Challenges in Global Health Initiative, which was launched in 2003 to spur the discovery of new technologies to improve global health.

"Break through ideas can come from anywhere and we hope this new process will encourage a broad range of scientists from the world to bring their ideas to the table," Gates Foundation Global Health Programme President Tachi Yamada said in a statement.

"The projects showing success will have the opportunity to receive more than one million dollar additional grant", the foundation said.

The Seattle-based Bill and Melinda Gates foundation focuses on improving people's health globally.


Dr. Bhargava. {} said...
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Dr. Bhargava. {} said...

Eradication of malaria has been a humbling experience the previous time it was attempted.

Don't you think that this money would be better spent in finally wiping out polio from this world ?

I elaborate this in my post titled "Eradicating Waves of Malaria"



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