March 29, 2008

Doctors with MBAs: Numbers are fast rising

For professionals, an MBA is just what the doctor would order for career advancement. Now, the same holds good for doctors themselves. With corporatisation of hospitals and rapid growth plans, doctors are finding it useful to have a management degree - simply to run hospitals effectively. The most striking proof of this is the sharp increase in the number of doctors graduating from Hyderabad-based Indian School of Business (ISB) this year.

Of the total batch size of 422 students, 10 are doctors with prior work experience of 5-7 years. Earlier, there were just two to three doctors per batch.

Dr Vishal Beri, 32, an orthopaedic surgeon with a work experience of four years is one of the 10 students of 2007-08 batch. “After spending time at the lowest level one realises that management degree is essential to made a difference to the larger canvas,” says Dr Beri. He will be looking after operations for one of the hospital chains. Not only does one’s job profile go through a sea change, the salary levels also rise substantially.

ISB placement director VK Menon says though there is a demand from private equity firms, consulting companies and sectors like health care and pharmaceuticals, the demand from hospitals outstrips the rest due to the sheer magnitude. “The salaries have also shot up.

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